Vision Strategy

Pure metallurgical development play targeting high value anthracite

Atrum Coal offers a unique entry point into the rare and high value anthracite coal sector with the potential for substantial upside leverage tied to exploration success. We are developing the world’s largest high grade anthracite deposit with good access to infrastructure necessary for commercialisation.

Strategic project locations

Atrum has specifically targeted British Columbia as its initial project focus due to its relative:

  • Abundance of high quality anthracite coals
  • Well developed rail and port infrastructure with excess capacity
  • Access to deep sea ports
  • Competitive shipping distance to Asia
  • Positive government stance on mining

By targeting high value anthracite in pro-mining geographies, Atrum seeks to minimize strategic risks associated with coal developments near population centers and tenure development issues. It also seeks to maximize the opportunities for strategic partnerships in development.

Sole project focus

Atrum is focused solely on the development of the Groundhog Anthracite Project.

Initial focus on near surface resources

Atrum’s commercial conversion strategy includes a primary focus on near surface underground and open cut targets which facilitate early production and a lower risk path through development to operation. Within the context of the Company’s long term exploration and development strategy, Atrum may pursue opportunistic coal and infrastructure related transactions where they are income generating and accretive to shareholder value.

Highly experienced and focused board and management team

Atrum retains an executive team with a track record in identifying and commercializing world class coal deposits. It will continue to add technical bias as the exploration strategy unfolds.

Anthracite market strength

The sustained growth and development of North and South Asian economies, the high cost of metallurgical coke for steel production, the short supply of existing high grade anthracite and technological advances in anthracite processing technology, linked with the growing demands of strategic coal buyers, is creating substantial new opportunities for large scale long term supply of high grade anthracite.